Dry Ice Blasting

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Compared to other cleaning options, dry ice cleaning produces no secondary waste. There are no chemicals or grit media to impact the environment. Different than grit media which can collect and destroy sensitive parts, dry ice will not affect sensitive parts such as windings, gears, and bearings on industrial machinery as it evaporates back into gas upon impact.

Dry ice cleaning is an effective solution to clean hard to reach areas that can’t be reached with solvents and rags. Dry ice cleaning allows for a more thorough clean. Dry ice is considered a soft blast media which is non-abrasive to many substrates. Dry ice cleaning can reduce your downtime by up to 80% over traditional cleaning methods.


Dry Ice Blasting is useful often in these areas:

  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Equipment Cleaning
  • Paint Preparation
  • Line Cleaning

Keeping Your Commercial Equipment and Electronics Clean!

Dry ice cleaning with Suds Mobile Cleaning offers a superior cleaning process that can reduce cleaning time by up to 80%. In addition, dry ice cleaning can eliminate secondary waste and result in a significant reduction in overall cleaning costs. Since it uses no toxic or abrasive materials, dry ice cleaning is the perfect choice for cleaning electrical, food preparation, and processing equipment.

Dry ice blasting is safe for use on a variety of electrical equipment:

  • Electrical control panels
  • Generators
  • Transformers
  • Circuit boards
  • Relays
  • Turbines
  • Cable trays
  • Motors
  • Semi-conductors
  • Robotic equipment
  • Insulators
  • Sub-station save an innovative cleaning solution to help you!


  • Automotive Applications
  • Paint Preparation

Food processing and packaging equipment gets very dirty with grease, proteins, seasoning, crumbs, and other build-up. This prevents the equipment from operating at peak efficiency. Build up reduces the quality of your products, and puts you at risk for violating health codes.

If you work in the food industry, you know how heavily regulated it is. Violating food safety regulations can be devastating for your business. Dry ice cleaning is the fastest and most effective method that is approved for use in food industry applications by the Food and Drug Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, and the United States Department of Agriculture. Unlike sand, bead, or water blasting, dry ice blasting uses no toxic chemicals, leaves no lasting residue, and doesn’t result in the need to dispose of contaminated water.

An Eco-Friendly and Efficient Cleaning Solution

Avoid unnecessary downtime due to sludge & contaminants…

Paint Preparation with Dry Ice Blasting

Can You Picture This? You are prepped and ready to move forward with a fresh coat of paint on your surface. Then you realize the old, flaking coat needs to be stripped off before new paint can go on. That’s where Suds Mobile Cleaning comes in. Our surface prepping pros quickly, easily, and effectively prepare your surface for new paint by utilizing Dry Ice Blasting.

Most professional painters don’t find 100% removal of old paint to be necessary before applying a new coat. All that is needed is a good clean surface for a new coating of paint to bond to, so as long as all of the loose and flaking paint is removed, along with dirt and grease, you’re good to go. Dry Ice Blasting is the ideal method to achieve a clean, paintable surface, plus you won’t create any secondary waste. We can accomplish this on a number of surfaces and items, including ceilings, walls, floors, and most types of industrial machinery.

On occasion there are jobs in which the desired outcome is as close to 100% paint removal as possible. For those situations we have a new to the market Cold Jet blast machine that allows us to combine dry ice and an abrasive media to accomplish this goal. This method still creates a significantly smaller amount of secondary waste than traditional media blasting alone. By adding the abrasive in combination with dry ice, we are better suited to remove multiple coats of paint.

The benefits of dry ice cleaning for paint preparation

  • Reduces prep time
  • Eliminates secondary waste or cleanup
  • No chemicals or abrasives
  • Removes hard to eliminate odors and residues
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Safe for electrical and plumbing fixtures
  • Tackles hard-to-reach areas
  • Removes all soot, mold, smoke, and other contaminants


Industries We Serve

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Fire Restoration
  • Food and Beverage
  • Foundry
  • General Maintenance & Facilities
  • Historical Restoration
  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Plastics Manufacturing
  • Printing
  • Rubber Manufacturing
  • Power Generation