Concrete Cleaning in Michigan and Indiana

Concrete Cleaning

Because concrete is a natural, porous material, algae, mold, dirt, and petroleum products often bed themselves in concrete. Which is why scrubbing and over the counter cleaning products can be ineffective and very time consuming.

The advantage of contacting Suds Mobile Cleaning for concrete power washing services is you can save your time for other fun activities. We have the experienced crews and machines to make your concrete surface clean within a short period of time.

Our concrete services are not only effective but also economical. At Suds Mobile Washing we strive to produce the best results at the minimum cost. Since the environment matters to us, we make use of environment-friendly cleaning soaps.

In addition, you can count on our experience and expertise if you want to keep your concrete walls, patios, and driveway the cleanest they can be!

concrete-cleaning with pressure washer
concrete cleaning pool deck

Pool Deck Cleaning

Along with the fun of having a pool comes the maintenance of owning a pool.  Fortunately, if you stay on top of the maintenance, cleaning your pool will not be difficult.  First, regular cleanings will lead to a pool deck that lasts and looks beautiful for years to come.  Second, a pool deck should be cleaned thoroughly annually.  So, what is the best way to clean a pool deck?

  • Remove all furniture and pool toys from the surface —dirt and grime can sometimes hide under furniture, and pool toys left sitting can sometimes create mold or mildew spots
  • Clean the entire pool deck using a professional pressure washer, like Suds Mobile Cleaning
  • Use a cleaning solution and scrub brush to get rid of stains.

If it’s been a long time since your pool deck has been cleaned and you’re finding it difficult to get rid of unsightly stains, it is time to call Suds Mobile Cleaning at 269-324-7837.

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Concrete Driveways

One reason to keep concrete clean is to ensure a clean environment. Another good reason to keep concrete clean is to be able to see cracked or flawed concrete.  Contractors who clean concrete driveways know that all concrete is not the same. Newer concrete generally has a lower coal ash content, and the concrete is much more likely to degrade to bits of rubble. For this reason, Suds Mobile Cleaning often uses a rotary surface cleaner.  Rotary surface cleaners are a good match for new or old concrete that is not cracked or flawed. They also offer an efficient approach to cleaning a large area. Cleaner Times, a technical journal, provides recommendations for cleaning concrete and brick.

Concrete in parking garages, on pedestrian walkways, and in mass transit entrances take a lot of abuse. Chewing gum, confectionary stains (from candy), beverage stains, grease stains, tobacco stains, and mildew stains are just a few of the 32 stains on concrete for which the GSA ( provides recommendations for removal.

Contractors focused on concrete cleaning find it useful to align with restoration companies, like Bailtek Carpet Cleaning and Water Damage. When a basement floods, or when a sewer backs up, the after-the-triage cleanup will entail washing the concrete floor and cinderblock walls of the basement.